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Another Shoe Story

We are getting to that time. Today is my mother in laws birthday. Last year we were in Taranaki for the wiggles concert. I can remember everything about that trip, we had a great time. It was just six weeks before 'ground zero', so every day from that trip onwards, i've analysed, played over in  my head. One because those were the last days of my old Joshua.

Learning to live with it...

So last week, we had our first three month visit to Starship. It was a really taxing time, i'd been quietly winding myself up for about two weeks. "Im sure the top of his head looks bigger. No the back is more pronounced.' He'd had a few vommits left of field, stuff like that. Just little things that made me "?".

So up we trotted, the whole family last tuesday night. It was a comedy of errors sort of trip. Firstly we got to Maramarua and Ted made his presence known. Then Joshua did the nice lttle projectile puke throughout the car. We were not prepared! Then we took the easy way and headed up the western motorway to get stuck behind an enormous accident. What Fun!

Ted had to stay at my brothers for the night... My brother owns a cat called Hercules. He was not afraid of Ted, quite to the contrary, Ted was bailed up inside the bedroom for 24 hours because everytime he came out, Hercules made sure he went back in minus some fur!! It was quite a laugh. Teds kennel name was Hercules... it should have been 'snoogles' or ''fluffykins' or something like that. He's not a very Herculeic type Dog!

Wednesday was one of those days, I sat leg jiggling with bile coursing through my abdomen, while I took Joshua in for the 'airplane mask' induction of anaesthetic, that he hates. He was so good. I sat in the scanning waiting room, reflecting on all my trips in there. But in particular the first one, Joshua screaming because he was starving and thirsty, Mike and I distraught, we'd only known for about 14 hours. I must of made an impact. One of the anaesthetic techs said to me four months or so ago, that hed never forget my face as we put Joshua to sleep for that first scan. Now its just a routine part of our lives. But with each one comes the question, do we get to go on? or is this the hammer?. I said to a Mum in the waiting room, everytime we are here, it's like a bad version of being a contestant on the voice. We perform (scan) and then we wait. Wait to find out if life carries on in its new form, or wether we go back to the Abyss again.

But we got taken into Stephens office about 1pm and he started talking about Joshuas high temperature. 'Stephen!' I breathed through my clenched teeth. 'Oh, sorry! the scan! the scans fine." Thankyou! I can breathe again! I can breathe for another three months. 

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I have joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your fantastic post.
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13.07 | 21:33

Hi Anne-Marie - I found out about all this following a link someone liked on FB. I think of you all often. You brightened my life xxxxxx to you all.

04.06 | 18:38

That was and amazing story so pleased you are all doing well Kind Regards Sandra Rohrlach

08.03 | 17:48

Well done to all. Annemarie I did send a friends request on FB for "Josh updates" a couple of days ago(Mike Wish) but no reply.
Cheers to all from WA

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