Month One

Week 2 After Starship

Well the cortisol levels have returned to normal! I've got 10 weeks before I have to worry about squirming in front of Stephen again waiting for results. Weve had a great couple of weeks, business is coming back to normal, I'm back to taking care of myself, I'm losing weight, exercising and feeling very positive about life. I bought two new pairs of boots yesterday as a treat, but they were not 'bad day' purchases, they were 'woo hoo!' purchases, because I've been a good girl and i'm conquering my demons. What do you go through this for, if you cant take a good look at yourself and say "i'm not happy, with this aspect of my life." And use your circumstance as a tool for change.


Another thing that I've been pondering this week is returning to work. Not because we need the money, in fact the money would be used to pay someone to replace me here. I've just got an overwhelming desire at the moment to get back into the right side of the hospital.. the caring side. I can only be an even better Nurse than what I was, because of what we've been through. So I wont be leaving it too long before I pursue that.

Joshua is doing great, he's tolerating his night feeds, he's off morphine, he has a few good days and then a day when he's a bit sleepy. But overall he's a happy boy. I was having a close look at him just an hour ago, he's down to a total of three eye lashes! but on the lids there were all these baby lashes just popping out. I hope he gets the lush eyelashes he had, back.

Great news!

Joshua scan was clear and as soon as his chest line comes out, he can go back to Kindy! i didnt realise how stressed I was about it four hours later I can still fell the cortisol coursing through my body. So now we live for three months, before we have the next MRI. 

My ninja just before going back to auckland.

Back to Auckland

Well i'm sorry I havnt blogged of late. we have been head down and bum up, trying to get our business back on its feet again. I spent two weeks just updating websites, but things are improving slowly, it will take a while to get it back to where it was before we left.

Joshua has been very slow in improvement, he's starting to eat little bits now but very small amounts. He still has a lot of tummy pain at night, we give him morphine twice a night and medicine to stop him from being sick. The good news is, he hasnt actually vommited for about a week. If we were having more chemo, we would have been in on Sunday, so we are now officially post treatment.

I was supposed to be back to Auckland next week, but hadn't heard anything, so rang on Tuesday so see what the Haps was. I found out we were scheduled for MRI today. So just as well I rang! psychologically I wasnt really up for it, so I asked Mike if he would like to go in my place. He was well ready for a break, so he has gone and I am home running the Motel.

So today Joshua has been measured, weighed, had a hearing test and MRI scan. We dont get the results of the scan until lunchtime tommorrow, but he's grown 1.6cm n the past month which is great and his hearing has not deteriorated further. So thats great news so just waiting for the 'biggie' tommorrow. 

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DONE Sending...

Catherine Flynn | Reply 15.07.2013 21.49

Still think of you and your family often. Praying for you. God bless, Catherine Flynn (Pukete Kindergarten)

Annemarie 17.07.2013 12.41

Thank you so much Catherine! I love hearing from people x

Kate Smith | Reply 10.07.2013 21.36

Annemarie you were always a lovely nurse, you have so much to offer. I am glad the ship has steadied on calmer waters after such a long ferocious storm.

Fay | Reply 01.07.2013 20.30

Annemarie we are so pleased that everything is going so well. I think your idea of going back to nursing is great as you obviously were a very good nurse dear x

Annemarie 02.07.2013 20.37

You are such a darling Aunty Fay! thanks for the encouragement xxx

Fay | Reply 25.06.2013 18.57

we still think of you and pray for you all every day and hope to come down one day to see you, in the meantime we send all our love from all the Hendersons

Mike | Reply 24.06.2013 20.34

Little steps in progress are great.... keep mending Joshua :)
Our thoughts are with you all from "over the ditch" here in WA

Sandra rohrlach | Reply 24.06.2013 20.10

I am so happy with that news best wishes from us all in Thames

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13.07 | 21:33

Hi Anne-Marie - I found out about all this following a link someone liked on FB. I think of you all often. You brightened my life xxxxxx to you all.

04.06 | 18:38

That was and amazing story so pleased you are all doing well Kind Regards Sandra Rohrlach

08.03 | 17:48

Well done to all. Annemarie I did send a friends request on FB for "Josh updates" a couple of days ago(Mike Wish) but no reply.
Cheers to all from WA

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