Wow... how time flies when your making banana cakes, vacumming floors, doing homework and watching Dora. Here we are at the end of the round.I rang up tonight to book us into RMH for Thursday night. We have audiology Thursday afternoon, Clinic Friday and then in On Sunday night again, for what I hope is our LAST EVER admission on ward 27A.

We have had such a lovely week or so. We had one admission over the weekend, for a temp, that didnt develop into anything. It was hard work keeping his bloods up this time, he required four transfusions. But par for the course really, his poor marrow has been zapped.

Pain has been much better this time. His gut has been much better too, only stopped for three days after the second slug of the Vincristine.

Today I made a video of him dancing, no music, he just wanted to dance. He was so funny!

Last week they had a big Farmers sale with 50% off. We Trotted off, with the intention of kitting out Daniel, and please, please, please! choose something Joshua! Truck T shirt now has a hole in the front, that little fingers are working on. Im not convinced Truckies gonna make it through the rest of treatment.

I showed him all the flash Lego shirts, Ben 10 Shirts, Angry Bird shirts and it was no... no... no! Until his Dad showed him this plain as duck water little jacket that was maroon and navy blue. It went on, in the shop. He slept in it that night. I said to Mum ferverously on the phone the next day. 'I think its taken!' (Like talking about a skin graft!) but well have to leave it on for three weeks to be sure, before we wash it! (and ill have to sneak out and buy three more!).

Truck T shirt has been cast aside on his terms.

But, I sewed up the hole tonight and he will go in the bag, ready for a last gasp in Auckland, even if hes just a cuddly. Hes been our mate all the way after all.

Dont make plans! is the mantra for this week and dont scoff at how well your doing either!. last Friday when I blogged, we were in having a 'platelet' transfusion, and no more than a few minutes after finishing my blog, we were admitted for the weekend because of a temperature.

I had also made plans.. Kim was coming over for the day and bringing her family. We get to see so few people, that the kids were looking forward to it, especially Georgia, who is pretty much housebound because of her brother. Kim came anyway and sat in the hospital with me, while the fathers kid wrangled on some forest walk somewhere. It was all fun.

On Sunday afternoon we were released and I stopped at the Warehouse to get a few things. Two things happened while I was there. Firstly I saw a Kindy Mum, who I used to chat to at the gate a lot. I had planned to go on the kindy commitee and she was a member. As far as I know, Kindy have never told the parents about Joshua, this is painful. Its hard when I see a kindy parent from a distance, because I wonder if they know? or whether they just think we moved away, or moved kindys. Its like life stopped for me there.

Another thing also tipped me off the side. All the mothers day paraphanalia. its my first mothers day with Cancer. How these things come and wack you in the belly, I dont know, but they do. I came home had a good cry, (must have been good.... Ted our dog sat beside our bed and Doggy cried!) but then I got up and got on with it.

The rest of this week however has been lovely. Ive done all these wondeful, normal things, like baking, making soup, planning dinner rather than throwing it together. Ive even managed serious cleaning... like wiping out cubourds and washing the dustpan brush! whoever gets time to wash the dustpan brush! and cleaning foodmarks off the couch, I even tidied the DVDs up.

Its funny, we spend so much time worrying about stupid things in life and then when a 'real' crisis hits, my comfort is in the simple, good food, an ordered home, a cup of tea with someone like the Lovely Ruth, who called in today from Church.

And today, Emma our Nanny helped Joshua give me the biggest buzz. He wrote his name for the first time. My beautiful boy.

My three cuties on Tuesday
Emma Martinovich our new Nanny has the kids sitting on her lap an hour after arrival.

Well we've done really well! We have managed to stay out of hospital, apart from scheduled visits for almost a week now. We had a really rough Sunday and Monday, but Tuesday he improved, Wednesday he walked about 1.5 around the dog park and yesterday he walked around paradise valley. It was so nice to be getting out and about as a family. Today we are in hospital for vincristine (sigh.....) and blood, he took longer to become nutripenic this time, normally he's starting to come up by now, and will have required three blood transfusions in this round as opposed to two.

We've also had an exciting addition in our house this week. Emma our new NZ nanny has joined us. A month ago, Mike impressed on me that we really needed another one. I was a bit reluctant, if it doesn't go well, it adds more stress to an already stressed environment. I also wanted to be sure to get someone who really likes kids too, and that would be good for Joshua, I actually prayed about it!

So, I sent my family letter off and Diana our placement agent came back to me with three kiwi's! We sent our profile off to all of them and three days later we got this lovely email from a 20 year old lass in Whitianga. She wrote: ' you may not be interested in me because of this, but my brother died of a brain tumor when he was nine And I'm all about having fun, I would love to meet your family.' 

Emma arrived on Monday, and within an hour she had all three kids wrapped around her finger. A big thank you to the man upstairs for listening!

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Hi Anne-Marie - I found out about all this following a link someone liked on FB. I think of you all often. You brightened my life xxxxxx to you all.

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That was and amazing story so pleased you are all doing well Kind Regards Sandra Rohrlach

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Well done to all. Annemarie I did send a friends request on FB for "Josh updates" a couple of days ago(Mike Wish) but no reply.
Cheers to all from WA