I am sitting here up in the RMH domain House, basking in the sonshine coming off my boys. Daniel and Joshua are tearing around playing. The only thing that makes me sad is that Joshua is cautious and not able to tear around like he once would have, but considering what he's been through he's doing very well! So much of it comes down to daniel though... Daniel stops sickness in its tracks.

My friend Caroline put it well in her comment, (youve come up for air!) that's just what I feel like,  we have surfaced briefly. I met with Stephen our consultant today, he said the plan is still the same, if we go well, we can go home in between. If he gets an ileus this time, there will be no vincristine again. It's just a wait and see game. It's been a nice relaxing few days, we are readmitted tommorrow night. 

Happy to be able to sleep together again!

A fabulous day today, we were firstly allowed out on leave for two hours, then at 3pm because things were going well and Joshua had no pain we were discharged. 

We came home to Rmh where a lovely meal was cooked by the team from Mcfall fuel. It was really nice to have some fresh vegetables. Everything in hospital is frozen.

so now we are looking forward to Georgia's birthday party on Saturday morning at 10am, we have lots of friends coming to don fairy dresses!.

The mission of going for a walk!

Firstly... Happy birthday Nani Clare. Your the best sister in law a girl could have.

Secondly... The little Trojan in the bed is soldiering on! He didn't have the greatest of nights, it appears they might have ramped his nasogastric feeding up a bit quickly, so we just have to ride it out for a few more days and see how we go. They want to start him on oral morphine, but I'm not so keen on that idea, I'd rather see how we go on just panadol and tramadol for now.

So, I was hoping we'd be out tomorrow, but it will probably be Thursday. But even three nights is better than nothing! Just for his little spirit. He doesn't want to walk the ward because its boring, we need to get him down to the house, then he'll improve.

I slept down in the house last night, again it made a huge difference that uninterrupted sleep. We've also had a big boost in our friend families coming back, Craig and Claire and today Darcy arrived by ambulance again. So Mandy is back on the ward. I also met Sir Peter Leach in the lift today. He met another boy on the ward at the Warriors game on Saturday night and came up to see him. Nice eh. 

We also have another celebrity on the ward, with a sick child. I'm not sure if its public knowledge that their child has cancer. So wont let that cat out off the bag on that one, unless I get a chance to talk to them and ask if its ok.

its hardly like its rehab! Anyway team, it's status quo on ward 27b for now.

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Hi Anne-Marie - I found out about all this following a link someone liked on FB. I think of you all often. You brightened my life xxxxxx to you all.

04.06 | 18:38

That was and amazing story so pleased you are all doing well Kind Regards Sandra Rohrlach

08.03 | 17:48

Well done to all. Annemarie I did send a friends request on FB for "Josh updates" a couple of days ago(Mike Wish) but no reply.
Cheers to all from WA