Getting ready for Chemo

Today is Friday, we go into hospital on Sunday night, for chemo on Monday morning. Our day started out harmlessly enough, a kidney test which involved some radioisotope being injected, then hourly blood tests for four hours to watch how fast he got rid of it. 

We then had some time to kill, so we went to find Jignesh in radiotherapy. Joshua ran down the corridor and threw himself at him, I've never seen him hug someone like that. It was really cute! Down there we met the other family, who we knew of but hadn't met, who's son was diagnosed with medulloblastoma just before Christmas. Poor Johnny has had it rough, he has the 'cerebral mutism' we were warned of, can't talk, swallow, can't walk and he's two months down the track now.

We were then scheduled for our MRI scan in the afternoon. The photos below are of us clowning around waiting for the scan. Joshua went in, went to sleep and I settled into the waiting room with a magazine. A few people came and went and then a mother and daughter arrived. The teenage girl I recognised, I'd seen her up in oncology a lot, but we hadn't spoken. We started chatting and I asked Aleisha what type of cancer she had. Her mum replied on her behalf. "Medulloblastoma, " she replied, "but Alisha is terminal now, unfortunately it was the a aplastic type And it never went away, not even with radiation." Man, I sucked the air in like the stuffing had been knocked out of me. I wanted to be physically sick. My Joshua is in there having a scan that I expected to be clear, and it may not be? Alisha's story was so sad, her tumour was still present after radiotherapy, so they went in and resected it for a second time. Then she had chemo, then she had six months, then it was back. I have cried bucket loads tonight, we now have an anxious wait until next week for the results of our scan. Lets hope it's better for us.

My smoochie boy
Mummy and Joshua outside MRI today
Me and Georgie-woo. I'm the one that's had the surgery, she's the one who's been sleeping!

Today is Thursday and we are now 48 hours back in Auckland. It's been a joyful homecoming, so pleased to see everyone at RMH, but the reality of being 'home' took its toll when we were informed of the death of a six year old a few days before, in the cancer ward. Nothing like a bit of gravity to nail that false sense of security you build up briefly. But it's not our reality, So you just pick up and get on with it.

Wednesday morning we caught up with our Oncologist, Stephen, we were supposed to have a lot of appointments tee'd up, which we didn't, so it's been a bit of a mad dash, up and down to the house/hospital like yo yo's, getting the business done.

This afternoon Joshua went to Theatre and had his Hickman line put into his chest, he had to go to sleep with the aeroplane mask, (gas) which is quite unpleasant and as usual, he was a hero. It's very strange, I go into recovery and get greeted like an old friend by the Nurses. Joshua has had over 40 general anaesthetics now, I gave Georgina, one of our favourite nurses, flowers at the end of radiotherapy. She said to me that she'd never been given flowers by a family before. That's the thing with working in recovery, you never get to know your patients, they don't remember you! So you don't get the flowers or chocolates. And here we are, everyone knows who Joshua is, when his name comes up on the list.

We have to stay in for four hours, Joshua is already running around like a madman. I just took this photo of him doing "muscles". He's my muscleman, that's for sure. He's now 18kg, heavier than before he was diagnosed, so we are in a good place for starting chemo.

So tomorrow we have a baseline kidney function test and an MRI scan, and then we go in on Sunday night and will be inpatients for 7 nights if it all goes well. 

My new Chest 'flushie'

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DONE Sending...

Ian and Jyl | Reply 07.03.2013 20.20

Pour out your love Lord Jesus upon this darling brave family that they may
know your extraordinary presence every moment of the day.

Caroline Andrews | Reply 25.02.2013 23.01

My thoughts are with you and sending lots of strength your way. What a little trooper Joshua is.
The pictures of you all speak a thousand words.

Kimberlie | Reply 25.02.2013 07.17

Hey brave little man! you are looking ready for your next challenge and I am sure you will do your best....much love to you all and thinking of you as well xoxo

Davies family | Reply 21.02.2013 21.48

Great guns little man! You're a fighter that's for sure

colleen sowerby | Reply 21.02.2013 21.16

Joshua is looking so much happier we do hope and pray for the pot of gold at the end of his rainbow angels watch over Joshua and his family colleen sowerby oxx

Fay | Reply 21.02.2013 20.13

It so good to see Joshua looking strong and ready to go with the next stage
I will continue to pray for him and all of you every day, all our love xxxxooooo

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Hi Anne-Marie - I found out about all this following a link someone liked on FB. I think of you all often. You brightened my life xxxxxx to you all.

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That was and amazing story so pleased you are all doing well Kind Regards Sandra Rohrlach

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Well done to all. Annemarie I did send a friends request on FB for "Josh updates" a couple of days ago(Mike Wish) but no reply.
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